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Welcome to our new home page! We hope that you like the new look that we have come up with. If there are things that you would like to see added, please feel free to click on the contact us link in the top right hand corner and e-mail us with suggestions. We look forward to you coming back and seeing more updated things on our new web site.  Some things that will be coming in the future are discussions on blogs, 64 bit, and computer history.  Thanks for visiting!
MicroSystems Engineering has been serving the Kokomo, IN area since 1981. We continue our pride in serving all of your computer needs today, and look forward to providing for your computer needs in the future. We have strived to build an effective web site that will assist in your computer purchase from MicroSystems Engineering, however, if you purchased a computer elsewhere, please feel free to look around for tips and hints for your computer system. We look forward to serving you and your computer!

"Serving Kokomo Since 1981"

Virus Update

In todays' world of viruses we need to all protect ourselves from not only viruses, but also from spyware that can be installed on our machine. These items can both get on your machine in various ways, including from e-mail, web pages, downloads, or files from other people. Click above for software to assist in the removal of these items. Some can be difficult and might require professional removal.

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