Qualifications are as follows:

1. Must be a Nfaa/Ifaa member. Host club only for points.

2. Indoor and Outdoor tournament are Based on 10 point for 1st place down to 8th place for 3 points, there after everyone will get 3 points. For Championship flight Indoor and Top Class Outdoors.

3. International, American, Outdoor Field, Outdoor Hunter,  and all 4 Indoor Districts are based on 5 points for 1st place down to 4th place for 2 points, there after everyone will get 2 points.  

4. For American  tournaments  points will be awarded to only IFAA members placement.

5. Points started at the 2018 Indoor State Tournament, all outdoor districts and tournament and all indoor districts, ending   with the 4th indoor
district will be added. 

6. Awards for Male and Female in Cubs,  Male and Female in Youth and Young Adult, and Male and Female in  Adults styles. 

7. Six Awards will be given out at the 2019 Indoor Tournament.

8. If a cub, move up in class to youth, their youth placement will be will be added to their cub totals.  If you start as a cub your total will end cub.
     The same for Young Adult, your adult score will go to your start in Young adult.       What ever you started at the Indoor is where your
    score will be totaled

9. If there is a tie Duplicate awards will be given out.

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