Indiana Field Archery Association

1. We will shoot two NFAA Indoor 300 Rounds at 20 yards.

2. Archers are to stand astride the shooting line.

3. We will shoot 12 ends; 5 arrows each end; a total of 60 arrows each day,
Shooting a total of two days.

4. Scoring on a single spot is 5-4-3-2-1-. Multispot is 5-4. Pros will shoot a 360
round. The arrow shaft must cut through the line or touch the white area of
the 5 ring to score in the area of highest value.

5. Bounce outs are to be shot over immediately.

6. An arrow buried in the target that cannot be seen must be pushed back
through the target. Do not push another back through beside it.

7. An arrow that passes through the target & falls out behind the target may
be reshot at once upon returning to the shooting line. Call a field Captain
to verify the arrow before touching it.

8. No arrows are to be touched until all arrows are scored, if touched the lower
value will be used.

9. One archer will keep the original score cards and one will keep the
duplicate. Check and sign you cart verifying you agree with the score
before handing it in.

10. Select a target Captain to call arrows. If help is needed on a call, signal a
field captain. HIS DECISION IS FINAL.

11. If more that 5 arrows are shot, the arrow or arrows of highest value will
not be counted. And a penalty of one point will be accessed for each arrow
shot over the prescribed number.

12. You have 4 minutes in which to shoot 5 arrows. An arrow shot after the
whistle will not be counted.

13. Shoot on whistle – one whistle to start; two whistles to stop shooting.

14. Line one will shoot the bottom target, line 2 will shoot top target.
Halfway, you will reverse.

15. In the case of an equipment failure, you will have 15 minutes repair time.
You will be allowed one practice end. You will shoot the missed arrow(s)
after the last end.

16. No protest are to be filed or mentioned until every archer has shot his 60
arrows. A protest must be in writing, signed & presented to the officers
along with a $25.00 protest fee.

17. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by archers during your
shooting hours. This is the first warning; the second may cause you to be

18. There is to be no smoking on or in front of the shooting line. This is your
first warning, the second may cause you to be disqualified.

19. Be courteous to your fellow archers, there is to be no loud talking.

20. You will stay on the shooting line until you have shot all five arrows.
There is to be no walking on and off the line between arrows. You should
not leave the line while the archers on either side of you are at full draw.
Please have consideration for your fellow archers.

21. Laser sights and Lighted Nocks are not permitted.

22. All archers must have proper quivers to keep arrows contained and that
will not interfere with other shooters while on the shooting line. With
exception of handicapped shooters.

23. Good SPORTSMANSHIP is expected from all IFAA/NFAA members.
This is your first warning; the second may cause you to be disqualified.

24. Turn off or place all cell phone on vibrate.

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